I am drawn to nature and its cyclical changes.  We, as human beings, are connected to nature through the water, the Earth, and the sky that make up our environment.  My images convey this co-existence.

Travel is an integral part of my creative process, as I am drawn to variety, which is researched through multiple landscapes, climates and cultures.  I am continuously looking to expand, to gather, and organize these experiences.  Research is an important component of my art-making process.  I equate process and media with idea when utilizing drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, sculpture, video, performance and photography.  Drawing is the immediate means by which I bridge the external world to my sensation of it, not only to the visual richness of nature, but to the rhythms underlying it.  Each body of work explores different ways in which our landscapes transform and how they are remembered.

Lines are a constant in my work and mark symbolic paths.  The paths in my imagery mark the flow within our cyclical changes in landscape.  I would describe my work as obscured representation, in that each piece originates as a representational image that is meticulously developed and manipulated through the material of the medium.  These notations form the basis of both my abstract and my impressionist paintings.