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Watercolors with Espacia Maria - Beginner to Intermediate @ Gallery North

If you have never painted before or you have some instruction, you can learn how to capture the wonders of watercolors. I will guide you through the essentials of watercolor tools and techniques with demonstrations and individual attention. Students will learn about brush strokes, washes, mixes, blending and color theory. They will use watercolors to establish color and light, to work wet-on-wet, for texture, to suggest value changes, for negative painting with discussion on composition, as well as for focus and depth. Emphasis in this class is for individual instructional techniques to foster your ability. Students will complete several small paintings in the class. For an added bonus, we will start with a breathing technique. I will walk you through it to relax and release from stress before we paint.


Materials List:

Supply list for Watercolors with Espacia Maria:

Materials to obtain for class: Make sure you wear your “art” clothes. Pigments from materials may stain clothing, fabrics and other surfaces. Please bring several photographs for reference.

Watercolor paints:

Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Yellow Ochre Lemon Yellow Cadmium Yellow Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Gamboge Hue Sap Green Cerulean Blue (Red Shade) Prussian Blue Ultramarine Payne’s Grey Sepia Chinese White

Different types of Paint Brands I recommend: Grumbacher, Holbein and Winsor Newton Paper: Two sheets of Arches 140# Cold Press divided into 8 sections 22” x 30”. Brushes: Round tip #8 or 10, 1⁄2 inch flat tip, slant tip, one large round brush #20, 25, or 30. Pencils and gum eraser. One roll of artist tape. A color chart, cup to place water, cloth or paper towel and a palette are also required.


Blick Art Materials

A C Moore

Riebe’s Artist Materials

Some, but not all, of the art supplies are available in large stationery stores or craft stores: A C Moore, Staples, Office Max & Michael’s.