Orkestai Farm Presents Plein Aire Oil Pastel Drawing with Esther Marie

Beauty is everywhere.  During this workshop we will learn how to see and draw directly from life in a creative way.  We will consider and analyze the following topics: composition, color and values.  We will also revisit some basic practices and discuss tool care.  My aim and hope is that each student will gain a greater facility and confidence working from life.  

I will demonstrate and give individual instruction.  We will be working with the shapes we see and draw the tone, color, edge, and different gestures that happen simultaneously.  The drawing is worked on and typically finished in one session.  It is a thrilling practice with endless scope for expression.

Esther Marie is a NY, long island based artist specializing in both oil, acrylic and watercolor painting.  She studied in South Korea and has exhibited internationally.  She was honored with the Best in Show at the Northport Wet Paint Festival in the LaMantia Gallery in the summer of 2014.  Esther Marie has had several commissions and her work is displayed in many private collections throughout the U.S.  Esther Marie has a passion for teaching and has taught extensively both privately and publicly.  For an example of her references, please visit her LinkedIn Account.

When: Saturday, September 5th @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Where: Orkestai Farm - Oyster Bay Planting Fields

How: Sign up now! Only 3 spots left!  Write to: info@Orkestaifarm.org